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Tumed Gmb H

Many of our specialist, quality surgical instruments are from Tumed, based in Tuttlingen in Germany, Tumed are able to source good quality basic and highly specialised surgical instruments of German origin. Their special areas are general surgery, microsurgery, heart surgery, ENT and Laser surgery.


Based in Sweden are world leaders in Ultrasound covers of Non-Latex material. Our main products with them are the new Origo needle guide system, the AllTime Non-Latex transducer covers, and the Histocare , histology transporting gel medium.

Hood Laboratories

Hood Laboratories are based in Boston USA and make silicone rubber mouldings for head and neck surgery, as well as tracheal stents, for example, tracheal T-tubes.

Image of Tumed high quality surgical instruments available from Bymed UK. Tools for general surgery, microsurgery, heart, ENT and Laser Surgery.
Image of Amedic Alltime Ultrafit Non-Latex Ultrasound Covers available from Bymed Limited UK.


Degania is an Israel based company who make silicone surgical vessel loops and atraumatic silclamp covers for  surgical instruments.


Primed are based in eastern Germany and supply Bymed with a specialised mini drain for hand and neck surgery.  This drain, known as The Primed drain comes as a Mini redon drain set of canula with needle, Ch 6 complete with a 50ml bellows / container for gentle vacuum application.


Pilling is one of the most famous manufacturers and innovators of

specialist surgical instruments based in USA.

They are best known for their cardiovascular DeBakey and Cooley atraumatic clamps, their Maloney bougies, as well as their ENT laryngoscopes, especially the Dedo-Pilling Microlaryngoscope.  Our instruments makers will adapt our Pilling fibre optic instruments to accept your most popular cables, including Storz, Wolf and ACMI etc.


SAC is a small USA based company, which supplies Bymed Limited with one product only, namely a teeth guard which protects against chipped teeth during scoping procedures

Image of the Dedo-Pilling Microlaryngoscope available from Bymed Limited UK which can be adapted to accept most popular cables.
Image of the Hood T-Tubes available from Bymed Limited UK. Silicon rubber tracheal tubes for neck surgery.
Image of Primed Mini Drain and Bellows supplied by Bymed Limited UK. Teeth guards also available.

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